Kommerling 76 AD

The new Kommerling 76 AD series, does not compromise, but offers all the advantages of a modern frame. Starting from the design and function, the form of the construction and the thermal values, combined with the environment protection and preserving the value, meets not only the current, but also the future demands of our property.

Thin profile design, allow the usage of larger and higher quality glasses. Combined with Kommerling 76 profiles can reach soundproof levels up to 76dB.

Also, because of the proEnergeyTec. technology, we can achieve a value of Uf=1,1W((m2k) thermal insulation factor, from the basic series and can reach a value of Uw= 0,76W((m2k).

Kommerling continues a tradition of ecofriendly products, according to the Greenline specifications.