Kommerling Logo

Since October of 2009, Markal is the exclusive manufacturer, of Kommerling products in Crete.
Our partnership with Profine group, founding member of which, is Kommerling, has made PVC doors and windows, accessible, affordable and reliable, by providing, not only the product itself, but also the technical support and authorized services.

The outcome of this successful partnership, is the manufacture and installation of thousands doors and windows, in houses around Crete.
Covering every corner of Crete, starting from our headquarters in Heraklion, to Sitia, Ierapetra and Rethymno, from the mountains to the sea.

Now having a representative in the city of Chania, Markal continues a well based tradition, of delivering high quality products, of this German giant, manufactured with Cretan craftsmanship and expertise, covering every households needs.

With reliability, ethos and absolute sense of trust we receive and respecting the local economy, we continue to do our job with the same passion as before.