markal-article-76adKÖMMERLING and KBE are part of PROFINE group, a leading company worldwide, with more than 100 years in the business.
PVC for windows was created to replace wood as raw material of the time, with a more environmentally friendly and low cost material, but more importantly, with an innovating and advanced system, that requires no maintenance.

The modern PVC systems are high energy efficient, with a factor of Uf=1.3W/m2*K, and now with a new range of products (Kommernling 76 AD), moving down to Uf=1.1W/m2*K.

It offers high thermal and noise insulation, absolute water and wind proof, combined with aesthetics and design.
This is way the PVC opening systems of KÖMMERLING and KBE are the best choices for new residences, or renovations.

Markal provides a wide selection in colors, for KÖMMERLING two choices of wood like colors, three grey shades and white. For KBE we use the same two wood like colors and of course white.