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The new MARKAL 76 series combines all the modern technologies available for synthetic window frames. One of the biggest advantages that can be used is the principle of the modular system, that is, MARKAL 76 offers maximum flexibility to meet your personal needs and modern architectural requirements.

The combination of aluminum in window frames offers increased stability, ease of care, and an almost unlimited variety of RAL or anodizing colors. On the other hand, the composite offers optimal thermal and acoustic insulation as well as high resistance to weather conditions, flawless functionality and long service life.

With the Aluclip aluminum coating you can have all the advantages of both aluminum and the synthetic in a single modern system. So the horizons for more design freedom are open, while your frames meet the growing demands for energy efficiency.

Also in combination with a static aluminum profile AluClip Pro, it is possible to avoid additional steel reinforcement in the sash or frame.

The unique AddOn shading system with its inclusion in glass panes, impresses not only because of its modern and intelligent design but also because of the privacy protection from prying eyes. The additional glass panel that contains, further improves thermal and sound insulation.

Highly energy efficient double-sealing system with a total depth of 76 mm

Excellent thermal insulation values: Uf-value=1.0 W / (m²K) already in its basic version of MARKAL 76 MD

Optimum sound insulation up to 47 dB through innovative insulations

A wide range of glass options up to 48mm thickness offering the use of modern triple glazing or special functional glazing

The mechanisms are secured through multiple reinforced layers on the main areas of load holding aided by special screws

Burglar protection. Resistance category up to RC 2 (WK 2). Designed for anti-burglary mechanisms