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MARKAL Iconic W77 AI2 ML

The design

An ingenuous take on elegance. The precise lines, slim contours and attenuated particulars that make the Iconic collection aesthetically exceptional are present in this solution. Put your creativity to work to see what it can do for you.

The technology

We made it incomparable in terms of energy performance, inviolable and impermeable. We made it complete and versatile so you can make it wonderful. The performance of ICONIC W77 AI2 on all factors affecting interior environment is outstanding and certified by Ift Rosenheim Institute in Germany.


System Depth: 77mm

Min Face Height Frame-Sash: 89mm

Min Face Height Threshold-Sash: 79mm

Min Face Width Middle Mullion: 154mm


Max Sash Height: 2.800mm

Max Sash Width: 1.600mm

Max Sash Weight: 200kg

Max Glass Thickness: 66mm