Welcome to Markal

Markal is a modern and sophisticated window manufacturer. It produces advanced and certified products, covering all type of applications, complex or not.
Our doors and windows are followed with CE sign as imposed by European instruction directive EN 14351-1 EN ISO 9001:2008.

For more than ten years, our goal is to produce and install, high quality windows and we have managed to take Markal in every part of Crete and gain a leading role in the market, with an astonishing rate of growth.
We cooperate with some of the most known and reliable companies worldwide. Our suppliers have certificated and high standards products.
For our aluminum products, we use ELVIAL Multilock systems, for our PVC products, we work with KOMMERLING and KBE systems.
We have earned the privilege of being the only KOMMERLING manufacturer in Crete, a privilege that made PVC products known and accessible to most of our customers.
The mechanisms we use in all the range of products are only GU.

The new Markal facilities are located in the main road (street A) of the Industrial area of Heraklion, Crete, fully equipped with state of the art machinery and trained staff, in a 1700m2 product space and 500m2 show room.
The visitors in Markal can take a tour, to see and feel our wide range of products and be informed in all the latest technologies and available choices.
Our only goal, for every type of construction, by using our technical expertise and experience, is finding the best solution to your needs.

Markal premises are an impressively designed and constructed facility occupying our own land of 1,700 square meters of production facilities and 500 square meters of show room, in the industrial area of Heraklion (A street).

In our exhibit space visitors can experience the high quality of our products and make the best choice within a wide variety of prices.

The design and structure of our facilities ensures the production management and quality system of ISO 9001:2008, with the latest methods, in order to achieve the highest quality of the final product.

On the second floor in our facilities lies the synthetic frames production line, well equipped with cutting – edge mechanical equipment and highly expertised personnel, with more than ten years experience.

On the ground floor lies the aluminum frames production line, with automatic management system, throughout the entire production process, using the newest equipment.

In the basement, takes place the glazing of all frames (both synthetic and aluminum), using a wide range of glass panes (double, triple and Pilkington energy glass panes), to provide solution for every kind of application an particular construction.

Also, in the basement, are constructed the rolling shutters, manual and electric, the shutters and the vertical moving screen doors.

Our mechanical equipment, is carefully chosen, focusing on the quality of our production systems, and maintaining the high standards, we have set at the market.

Our range of products, opening windows and balcony doors, sliding and retractable systems, internal frames and main entrances, offer to all Markal customers, the best solutions for new residences and renovations.

The years of experience and our knowledge of all current needs and requirements, allowed us to build an innovative facility in Crete, where the visitors can enjoy our hospitality and take a tour in our exhibit space and where our technical knowledge and views turn into ideas for every architectural application.

CE marking, its meaning and why it is mandatory

CE marking serves the need for a common communication code between the states members of the European Union and also the need to facilitate free trade. This marking indicates a group of products with particular qualities, produced according to certain requirements which may include safety, health, and environmental protection.

By affixing the CE marking on a product, a manufacturer is declaring, at its sole responsibility, compliance with the relevant EU legislation.

The manufacturer of aluminum and synthetic doors and windows, has to take certain obligatory steps before the product can bear CE marking. The manufacturer must carry out a conformity assessment, run a series of tests and sign a Declaration stipulated by the leading legislation for the product.

Exclusive manufacturer, of Kommerling products in Crete

Since October of 2009, Markal is the exclusive manufacturer, of Kommerling products in Crete.
Our partnership with Profine group, founding member of which, is Kommerling, has made PVC doors and windows, accessible, affordable and reliable, by providing, not only the product itself, but also the technical support and authorized services.

The outcome of this successful partnership, is the manufacture and installation of thousands doors and windows, in houses around Crete.
Covering every corner of Crete, starting from our headquarters in Heraklion, to Sitia, Ierapetra and Rethymno, from the mountains to the sea.

Now having a representative in the city of Chania, Markal continues a well based tradition, of delivering high quality products, of this German giant, manufactured with Cretan craftsmanship and expertise, covering every households needs.

With reliability, ethos and absolute sense of trust we receive and respecting the local economy, we continue to do our job with the same passion as before.