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MARKAL 76 AD Pro Energy Tec

ProEnergyTec technology is a new technology for PVC-U profiles, with pre-assembled innovative thermal insulation materials. The reinforcement chamber is filled with ProEnergyTec foam and thus the thermal insulation increases.

Using special techniques, high torsional stiffness is provided to avoid the use of steel reinforcements inside the window. Instead, the booths are filled with ProEnergyTec foam, resulting in high heat insulation values.

In AluClip Pro systems the aluminum profile is connected with the composite. Aluminum undergoes the static operation so that it is not necessary to have steel reinforcement in the frames where the ProEnergyTec material can be placed, offering its beneficial advantages for extremely high thermal insulation.

The foam insulation material uses exclusively environmentally friendly agents and can be clearly separated from PVC for recycling purposes. This ensures that those using MARKAL products are also actively involved in protecting the environment.

Highly energy efficient double-sealing system with a total depth of 76 mm

Excellent thermal insulation values: Uf-value=1.1 W / (m²K) already in its basic version of MARKAL 76 AD

Optimum sound insulation up to 47 dB through innovative insulations

A wide range of glass options up to 48mm thickness offering the use of modern triple glazing or special functional glazing

The mechanisms are secured through multiple reinforced layers on the main areas of load holding aided by special screws

Burglar protection. Resistance category up to RC 2 (WK 2). Designed for anti-burglary mechanisms